Better Bonding with Baby Groups

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A baby-led approach which helps parents to become more mindful and present in the moment.

We support you so that you can enjoy observing your baby and wonder what baby may be trying to communicate.

You will learn about principles of attunement and will be encouraged to re-create these special times between classes, keep a diary and share your experiences if you so wish.

As a result of attending the Better Bonding with Baby group you will become more confident and relaxed as a parent and your baby will learn that s/he can have an impact, which helps baby to develop a sense of self-efficacy, emotional regulation, and strengthens his or her relationship with you.

The online group meets on a Tuesdays at 10.30 for 45 mins in blocks of 5. The cost is £50 for five sessions (concessions are available). We support parents by offering a safe place to enhance the quality of their relationship with their babies.

The group is facilitated by Bobby Taylor, parent infant psychotherapist, and Norma Thompson, highly experienced Early Years Practitioner.

What you need to get ready

You will need a laptop or tablet (ideally hands free) and WIFI. Either download the zoom app, or we can send you a zoom link and you can dial in directly from your browser.

Make sure you have a comfortable and clean space on the floor with a blanket and cushion to sit on, and space for your baby to sit or lie, if she/he wants that. Prepare one or two toys (not too many). Turn the TV and phone off!

What we do in a session

During each session we find time to share experiences you’ve had during the week with your babies, focussing on different aspects of your relationship. In order to do this we sing songs, chat and generally delight in the babies, taking photographs of lovely moments.

Each week you will have an opportunity to look at these photos with the group, enabling us to discuss and notice a variety of interactions, feelings and responses of both you and your baby.

We offer this attachment based intervention as we know that a secure attachment relationship is an important basis for every child’s future development.

Contact us for the start date of the next group.