Experience of training with babies1st

“I really enjoyed training with Babies1st. It was a very nurturing experience and as a trainee I felt well supported and guided during the training process.”

Rachael Hammond

Starting comments / worries from parents Final reflections from parents
I don’t see what role I play until my child gets older (father). I look at things differently now and can now see the importance and impact of being present and attentive. It’s not about the activity, it’s about our relationship.
I feel guilty all the time that I am not doing enough to bring the children along (mother). I am a good mum, and I am doing okay. My child is happy and I can see the way she looks at me, it is so nice.
As my child has got older I don’t know how to play with him. I feel distant, like I don’t know what he is thinking (mother). I can read my child’s cues now, I feel more confident and now know how to follow his lead, I feel we are now growing together.
My child is really disruptive. He is so demanding and it affects everyone (mother). I can see that he was projecting what he was feeling onto me. He just needs validation and moments of my time to make a difference.